Two Minutes to Midnight

Dear –,

Two minutes, ninety heartbeats, one hundred and twenty seconds.

I am finishing writing this letter to you, even though there is no conceivable way you will ever receive it, or even become aware of its short-living existence.

So it ends like this.

Death doesn’t terrify or even frighten me, it is the thought that I should die alone—in this solitary mental patient cell;—that unsettles my supposedly already whacked nerves.

But I can’t change nor challenge death, no more than you can. Still, I hope I could be by your side in these remaining seconds—I would have treasured every unspoken word, every sweet sigh, every tremble of your eyelashes—yes, every precious breath.

Not to be.

Ten seconds, nine seconds, eight seconds....

I think it is time to say good-bye.


P.S.- I love you.

~Tian H