As the clouds roll in and the thunder rumbles,
I sit, and I stay, despite the present danger.
The lightning illuminates the starless night,
Yet I still don’t climb back through the open window.
As the clouds descend on the town the rain begins to fall.
The wind blows strong gusts that sway the trees,
While my long hair flies wild about my face.
Haunted by the memories as forever I will be—
As wild as the weather be, it fascinates, and it speaks,
As it comforts my tattered soul.
While two bolts of lightning strike, one barely missing
the house where my friend lives,
Determination fills my mind—
Not to let my past destroy my future.
I am a girl of little hope, yet my soul is o.k.,
and I will dream again.
I’m soaking wet, but I care very little.
The storm is strong, as is my spirit.
As it moves to the East and the wind dies down,
The rain slows to a drizzle, and the thunder quiets—
I see clearly once again.
The first break of the clouds, the first glimpse of the stars,
And as I sit on the roof watching the sunrise,
I know that I’ll be fine.
Yes, I’ll be all right.

~Christine P