I heard,
but I don’t believe,
please don’t be mad,
you are not deceived.
It’s not time,
for you to leave me,
don’t go,
I’ll be in misery.
I visit you,
and don’t spend time together,
knowing there’ll be other times,
we’ll be like birds of a feather.
But this time is different,
I found out about you
please be careful
I don’t want to lose you too.
I’ve lost a lot,
and I don’t want it to be you,
please don’t go
I love you
I know you feel alone,
but it’s so not true,
you have everyone and me
this is not because of the flu.
I thought you’ll live forever,
to see my own,
please go to the doctor
so I can call you on the phone
            If you go,
            I’ll so miss you,
            but I know God’ll love you so,
            and remember we love you too.

~Elexius R