The Call of the Cat

I wake up from the crescent sun,
Beaming light from above
I get up from a snap
of my Friskies cat food
I love that lovely taste
of chicken in turkey gravy
I go on my daily routine
sleeping, purring
is the way I’ll be
If you show me attention
I’ll give you affection
I’ll go protect you
from the dust bunnies
under the bed
After all you do have monsters
under the bed
And also protect you from those bumps
when you slip into the blankets
then I hear the scream coming from you
Out I go, kicked out of the house by you
I don’t know what I did wrong
I was just protecting you from those bumps
I go out in the full moon presence
too chicken to catch a bird, nor squirrel
but wait what’s that sound
the crinkling of the grass
a slug, time to attack
got the slug, very yummy
now my mouth is all full of slime
but wait there’s more time
Hunting my prey in the garbage
Snag a bone, out I go,
protecting you when you sleep
Hear the growls of angry cats
better leave, so I go fast
none will find, in the safety of
my home…now
Now I go into the house snuggling
up tight, forget to fight those bumps
rather sleep of the one I dream of
that I would find
the perfect being to be entwined
who chose the thing that I choose
a person who wanted
or sought out what I sought to be
I’m so happy
Happy I’m not alone
Happy that I have a home
For truly dreams come true
if you only try to achieve your goals
you’ll always get what you dream…

~Amera D