Dear no one
Do you remember me?
I’m the one
Who was up in the tree

You know, the watcher
The friend when you need
Well I have a trouble
A problem indeed

It would seem
That I am an abeyant being
A bodiless specter
Not even worth seeing

They’re too busy you see
Involved with their toys
Guys with video games
And girls with boys

Even mommy and daddy
Are lost in the race
Too busy with their bills
To see past their face

Forgotten and alone
I’ve tried to make due
But without help
And no one to turn to

I’ve made friends
Only to be betrayed
I wish I wasn’t
A game to be played

I’ve learned on my own
My dad would be proud
But I can never tell him
His cell phone’s too loud

I can tell mom
She’d tell me I’m great
But she’s rushing
And 15 minutes late

So instead I tell no one
And keep it inside
But it’s not just achievements
That are left inside

So is pain and loneliness
They’re not so good
And as I tell others
My advice is understood

But I don’t
Practice what I preach
Their ears are
Too far out of reach

It’s ok though
I make it through the day
But for how much longer
I cannot say

~Don K