Do We Realize How Lucky We Really Are?

Sometimes I think of how lucky we Long Islanders are
How much we take for granted
I think of how lucky we are
To be able to walk outside of our homes onto our lawns.
And, even better
In a short time, to be able to take a ride to one of our beautiful parks or beaches
Every day we may pass a few deer
A couple of squirrels
And thousands of trees
We are blessed with…
The ability to go swimming in the ocean
Which some in the midst of the States have never experienced
We have a blessing of…
Being able to walk on grass
Grow gardens
And smell spring
Which metropolitans never have had the pleasure of smelling
We are able to pick flowers from our yard
Some city kids think flowers "grow" at florists.
We can go out East
Pick fresh apples, peaches, strawberries, pumpkins and even Christmas trees
All on our own,rather than buy them at the grocery store or fruit stand
We enjoy blue skies and not brown clouds produced by smog
We wake up to the singing of birds in spring and summer
Not to some loud cab driver yelling 30 stories below
Some Long Islanders have to be reminded of this
We must not allow Long Island to become polluted and destroyed
We must step back
Take a breath of fresh air
And remember how fortunate we are

~Jason E