Dreams are born
        dreams are lost
In a summer’s blaze
        or Winter’s frost,
This is the fate
        of a reluctant mind,
To lose a dream
        is pain of a new kind.
There is pain
        and then there is sorrow,
All we have
        is the promise of tomorrow.
But we will never
        give up or despair.
Hope for the moment
        that is very rare.
For a dream come true
        is the greatest joy.
To get your mate
        or a baby boy.
When dreams come true
        it’s a great time,
It’s the part of life
        when everything aligns.
When all of time stops
        and holds for you,
You are a kid again
        and the light shines through,
For that instant
        it’s a perfect world,
Whether you’re a man, woman
        boy or girl.
So things can be
        or so it seems,
But still hold on
        to all my dreams.

~Don K