English 9-1 Curriculum Story

Who in the world are you?  As you mature and become more aware of yourself within the context of the world around you, the question naturally arises.  Our relationships with others and how we see ourselves within the larger framework of society are examined in the classic and contemporary literature we will read including The Odyssey, Pygmalion, The House on Mango Street, A Raisin in the Sun, Of Mice and Men, To Kill A Mockingbird & Romeo & Juliet.  You will compare  the characters’ experiences with prejudices, isolation, choices and self-understanding to your own life experiences, discovering that these stories reflect the human condition.  As you mature academically, you will develop your analytical skills through critical, close reading of these texts & other works of fiction and nonfiction.  By evaluating the effects of literary devices, word choice, and other rhetorical strategies in our own writing and the writings of others, we will grow as writers, readers, speakers & listeners.

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Created by L. Lopez
Last modified 9/1/06