Garden of Good and Evil
Or Soldiers in War

I was walking through the flowers that were growing in the fields.
The sun had risen from a rainy night.
I slowly walked into a forest where there were more flowers.
Colors that reflect in my eyes with pride.
Up ahead I see smoke,
Smoke as thick as fog.
Smells of potpourri but stronger.
I ran away from the fog,
But it came closer and closer to me.
It caught up to me and held my arms behind my back.
It forced my mouth open and went into me.
Its force hurt my body as it pulled at my intestines.
I start to see other flowers blooming in my sight.
All of a sudden firecrackers fly in the sky,

        and streamers shoot at me.
I lay there and I looked around.
Next to my best flower wilting beside me.
I too grew into a flower in the field.
A flower of pride, and colors I’ll never forget.

~Elexius R