Growing Up Through A Mirror

I walk past it once, embracing my dolly close to my chest,
I walk past it again, this time laying my dolly down to rest.
I gather my mom’s beauties and walk past it once more
As I quickly glance I lay the lipsticks, brushes and polishes on the floor.

My red stool awaits me, so I sit down with grace
And look into the mirror to stare at my face.
I look once and quickly turn away
For I fear what this mirror is going to portray.
My head hangs low, and I am scared to see
What this mirror says about me.

I know I have to face this one way or another
For I cannot continue to live undercover.
I need to break out and see the truth
See if I am still in my youth.
My hands grow strong and as my fingers hold my chin
As I begin to see the beauty within

My eyes lock to the mirror and stay in a stare
As I notice I begin to compare
Am I as beautiful as the women in the magazine?
Or is that not possible? For I am not yet a teen.
I am still a child, but yet I feel rushed to be growing
Should I be feeling like this, and it is showing?
I feel stuck and trapped, not knowing what to feel
Or how the world sees my appeal
I don’t know what to do, should I let my life just run its course?
Or should I hold back, so I won’t have any remorse
This question may never be answered, but my heart tells me to let go
To begin my journey and let myself grow.

My eyes slowly moved away from the mirror
And my life seemed to feel much clearer.
I no longer need this mirror to see
Who I am and who I will be.
I thank the mirror and then stand tall with pride
I then walk away with nothing to hide
I walked over to mom’s beauties on the floor
Looked at them, then walked to the door.
By the doorway my dolly was still at rest
So I grabbed her and held her close to my chest
I may need her now and then, but for now she will just be for show
My youth will always be a part of me, even as I grow
I then walked out the door for once and for all
Ready to take on the world standing tall.

~Michelle O