Oh my god things
     are so bad,
Nothing’s wrong
     so why am I sad?
Nothing for me
     and nothing I can do,
No reason to fight
     remaining subdued.
Strong feelings
     that nothing matters,
Dead, Defeated
     With hopes battered.
Giving in
     to secluded despair,
Sitting motionless
     just a blank stare,
And I realize
     as I sit there,
What’s killing me
     I do not care
I feel like a hamster
     running on a wheel.
Fight against a force
     stronger than steel.
Struggling so hard
     to get nowhere fast
Like trying to correct
     a mistake from the past
Why can’t I win
     or even make a scratch
Right in front of my face
     victory is snatched
I refuse to give in
     and struggle in vain

But my failure gives
     to me so much pain
If I am doomed
     why do I try
As I look at her
     inside I cry.                       
~Don K