Hurting Others: Why Do They Have To Do This?

This is dedicated to one of my friends, because we have both been in the same situation many times before, and I want her to know that I can understand what she is going through!

All of my life I have wondered why there are stereotypes.
Just as the "jocks," the "popular" people, and the "freaks."
Can’t everyone try to be friends?
I guess that it is because they want to be known throughout life.
Do they have to categorize people because they think that they are above all others?
They really aren’t, they are just like everyone else.
Why do people have to judge others?
Do they have to do this to make themselves feel good?
I hope that one day, they stop doing it, because they realize how it is hurting others.
Do they do it because they have the power?
They do not have anything, they are nothing.
They are just like the people that they are criticizing for the clothes they wear, what they weigh, how they look, or even who they are going out with.
Why is it that they do this?
Is it because they are insecure about themselves?
I hope that they decide it is wrong.
They think it’s fun to make fun of others, when it really hurts them.
When the people being made fun of then stand up to them, they stop and then later on they do it again!
I hope the people teasing, get teased by others.

~Laura S