In the midst of the universe were two shining stars. They were a pair and inseparable. They were always together, whether it was showing off their incandescent shine or watching comets fly by in their favorite little spot of the Milky Way, which they claimed "their spot." One day there was an explosion, and a burst of new stars came into the nearby surroundings of their galaxy. Along with this explosion came a star more shiny and flashy. The pair of stars introduced themselves to the flashy star, the flashy star seemed really friendly, and the three instantly clicked. The stars loved to shine (the flashy star always having the brightest shine), and did it a lot. Several rotations of the planets went by and the little star noticed that the flashy star was always trying to push her out of the way. The little star’s partner did not seem to notice it, and seemed amazed and fascinated with the flashy star. The little star decided to let it go; maybe it was just she. The flashy star continued to push the little star out of the way; the little star realizing it wasn’t just she, tried so hard to let it go. It was hope that her partner would realize that kept her going. Her partner on the other hand hadn’t noticed anything. One day the little star woke to see that her partner was gone. Maybe she was just floating around; "she’d be back later…" the little star thought to herself. She also noticed that the flashy star was gone, but thought nothing of it. She was probably off making friends with the other stars, probably because she had been spending all her time with the pair. Three rotations of the planets had passed, and still the little star’s partner was not back. The little star decided to look for her partner. After a while of searching, the little star came upon the pair’s favorite spot of the Milky Way, "their spot." As the little star turned a crater, she stopped instantly. She was astonished. Her partner star was watching comets with the flashy star, in "their spot." With that, the little star could not think, she was so shocked. A pain began to throb in the little star. Without disturbing the two stars she floated to Saturn’s rings where she cried for about four rotations of the planets. The partner star nor the flashy star had ever come back for her. The little star’s hope was totally gone; she felt empty. She had become completely exhausted, and with the end of her hope, she shined for the last time, for at that moment, tears running down, her incandescent shine burned out, never to come back ever again.

~Christina F