Knight in Shining Armor

Streaks of light
    try to fill the void
To fight the despair
    troops are deployed
Meek hope
    and utter defeat
But somehow the soul
    refuses to be beat
Alone stands a man
    the last standing knight
The brave man
    faces the fright.
Standing there
    sword drawn but still
Staring at an emptiness
    too big to fill.
His bright armor
    is all that shines
He tries to fight
    Countless times
He can’t find
    the enemy he seeks
Even now
    as his sense piques
Then comes the pain
    coming through the black
Just an assault
    with no kind attack
As he recovers
    it comes to him
Maybe it’s this place
    so dark and grim
This place is what
    He wishes to battle
Though he is scared
    he is not rattled
He lifts his sword
    and stabs it into the ground
As he pulls it out,
    light swarms around
The War has started
    the fighting begun
But when it’s all over
    who will have won?

~Don K