Ode to Mother

I wake up at 5 A.M.
I eat breakfast and make my bed
Next I make sure the kids are fed
Ready to leave they grab their lunches
I drive them to school
Cars gather in bunches
I go to work from 8-5
By the time I get home
I’m barely alive
The kids do homework after school
But their stomachs are growling
And they’re starting to drool
I do the wash and clean the floor
My husband’s home
I hear the door
There comes a ring
it’s the stove bell
the meal tastes good
but looks like hell
I’m dead tired and really beat
I need to get off my feet
Everything is put away
It’s nighttime now no longer day
When you’re a mother life’s a test
To see how long
You can go without rest
But in the end
It’s great to see
When your kids reach maturity
And have a family of their own
Now it’s their turn to ache and groan.

~Christina F