The unstoppable force
The unbreakable stone
The evil of government
That won’t leave it alone

The over-bearing shadow
Cast upon a well made machine
But this acceptable monster
Is more than it seems

Unacceptable compromise
Of the simplest ideals
Lost vision of right and wrong
Is sadly too real

Politics equals corruption
But not the illegal kind
It stops what’s best
From entering their mind

Re-election runs rampant
Through forgotten ethics
Ignorant of good doings
Their lies are pathetic

Actively against change
Opposed to solutions
Constantly adding to wealth’s
Imbalanced distributions

They say the rich get richer
And the poor get poorer
Where’s the liberty in that
To show our hopeful daughters

Under the falsehood of diplomacy
Hides self-serving ambition
But all is protected
Under the shield of tradition

Our right to vote
Our crucial free choice
Had been stripped of purpose
Like a mute’s voice

Our only decision
Is for less or more
The entire process
Is pointless at the core

No one really cares
About what’s best
They only make sure
They look better than the rest

Republicans vs. Democrats
Ever-travelling across the warpath
I’m afraid that America
Will be sacrificed in the aftermath

~Don K