The Rainmaker

A silent figure
Stands in the rain
The pounding water
Hides the man’s pain

The falling crystals
Are priceless favors
To stop his tears
From becoming traitors

His eyes close
And he lifts his head
His ears listen
For the secrets that are said

The whispering rain
Is his only cohort
So alone he is
With his problems to sort

Softly his voice
Breaks through the rain’s sound
The battering shells
Pounding the ground

"Why am I alone
Here with my hurt?"
Then he looks down
At the puddle filled dirt

He thinks to himself
It’s oddly familiar
Perhaps his soul
Is all too similar

The small depleting pieces
Of surfaced soil
Succumbing to the rain
And its complex toil

It’s too real a reminder
Of the battle inside
The soil his sanity,
Hope, love and pride

But the relentless rain
Of fear, doubt and sorrow
Make each sane day
A fight for tomorrow

But why is his fight
One he faces alone?
There are people
With which he could console

He has a girlfriend
And the guys are always around
It’s all about comfort
That he has not found

He wants to lay down
And be held while he cries
But without comfort
His body still lies

It holds in desperately
What it needs to let out
Things held in so long
He begins to shout

Why does it still hurt
After all this time?
He doesn’t know
But nothing is fine

He does know a person
Who with he could be free
But now it can’t happen
Yet someday it might be

Then as he thinks of her
A lightning bolt strikes
Seemingly matching
His emotional spikes

He looks through the rain
Its secret is revealed
In this dark dream
His fate has been sealed

The utter realization of this
Altered the surreality
The universe shattered
The ultimate sign of mortality

Into emptiness
His consciousness falls
The void
Sees no need for walls

As his mind floats
He enters philosophical reflection
Perhaps his darkness
Is the only testimony to true perfection

Strange tranquility
Even Zeus is its slave
Infinite absolution
In the Phoenix’s grave

~ Don K