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       Sample Research Paper Outline for
White Oleander

Body Color Key:

Maroon - General Reason Book is Good
Red - Example from Text
Green - Specific Details from Text

    A. Read classical literature in HS under duress-causes frustration
    B. Introduce newer literature and WO
    C. THESIS: Although White Oleander by Janet Fitch is not a typical part of the canon
                       of high school literature, it is in fact a worthwhile book to read.

        A. Universal Theme (TS Elliot Quote)
            1. tension and conflict of search for self
                a. Astrid's individuation from mother
                b. Astrid's desire for protection from mother

        B. Indirect Characterization (Ginder Quote)
            1. Ingrid - "white flame" / fire simile
                a. source of comfort
                b. source of destruction

C. Metaphor (Bloom Quote)
    1. perfume bottle - Olivia and Astrid's friendship

    2. bird
        a. police questioning
        b. Claire's death
        c. phoenix
        d. free birds
        e. homing instinct - returning to mother

D. Symbols (Conolly Quote)
    1. Astrid's physical scars - emotional scars
        a. exaggerated limp
        b. ashamed of limp
        c. dog attack scars should bloody well show"
        d. cuts off hair

    2. White Oleander (Streetcar Title Quote)
        a. Ingrid & oleander are white
            -white dress when reading
            -white moth quote
            -white milk dream
        b. Ingrid & oleander are poisonous
        c. Astrid & oleander survive
            -oleander blooms heartily
            -Astrid creates beautiful "suitcase art"

       A. Summarize major points of paper
       B. Restate thesis
       C. Add closing "clincher" sentence

Created by L. Lopez, 8/31/01