The huge rock
        sits in the water,
Unworn by the tides
        stone like martyr.
The unmoveable rock
        stands forever,
Despite the water’s
        destructive endeavor.
You look at the rock
You take it for granted
        in every way.
As it stands
        and takes your abuse
Not angry about
        your blatant misuse
Some look upon it
        with gentle eyes
Not overwhelmed
        by its great size
Everything points
        to its utter devotion
Still you own
        the lack of emotion
’till one day
        it just disappears
With it gone
        a void appears
Now you realize
        how you need the rock
The way it listened
        and secrets it locked
You didn’t appreciate
        its helpful silence
Or its resistance
        to nature’s violence
The way it show
        you weren’t alone
Remember next time
        I’m not just a stone

~Don K