Sleeping Beauty—Unhappily Ever After

A castle imprisoned by unforgiving ice
for years uncomprehending
all the roses had died under the cloak of roaring winter
only the bewitched thorns remained, inviting preys unknowing

One solitary star you came
the snow melted into a stream of tears
the wind ceased to a dying whisper
the thorns retreated, and the cage cracked open ever so reluctantly

But you were only a passing stranger
on your way to destinations and glories beyond my reach
the withered flowers refused to revive tender
the wet beaten leaves cling to the barren ground still,
and the windows had been opened in vain

Even so, an eternity later
I can still feel the burning marks your
lips had branded on mine, before they turned away forever
and how my entire being ached for something I never knew
under those gazelle eyes made of liquid stone

~Tian H