Three Poems of Innocence, The Divine, and Nature

As the horizon expands with a dimly glow, the sky kisses the earth over a ghastly snow. The stars shy, yet one is bold. The secrets sigh, for what I’m told. Children reach for light, as soul’s discourse in an awkward flight. And ever if this light become dim, innocence will fade and return will sin. Love is strong, unparalleled control. Keep it in life and mankind will reach our goal. It is the fire which keeps a spark; remove it and all will remain in dark.


Beauty falls neglected through an emptiness which is surrounded by severe standing. To feel peace, is to be one with a divine being who is working and building a path for us to follow. It kisses the ground like a breeze on a blade of grass, all raw emotion which is tainted will pass. To have the ability to move on, is a gift equal to flying. Even when you glance past, and feel like crying. Forgiveness is a powerful gift; the roles of fate shift. Envy and hate place my body upon a chair covered with blood, to be dead is to sit there for an eternity. Nature is beauty, beauty is life, life is priceless, and the only thing priceless belongs to the divine and to which it blesses us with.


Though love is roaming in the air, I remain as one. I sit here in skin bare, wondering if it will ever come. A weak light flickers to soothe the mind, subconscious thoughts keep the heart kind. Tears are necessary streams which replenish the thirst of binding powers. Friendship is a gift from above which the lucky walk upon, a road of flowers.

~Regina M