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created by L. Lopez, 11/13/04
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Date:  Ms. Lopez


  1. Plunder -v- to steal; to rob of goods by force
  2. Valor -n- bravery
  3. Formidable -adj- arousing feelings of fear, dread or awe; difficult to overcome
  4. Guile -n- trickery; dishonesty; craftiness
  5. Irked -adj- troubled; tormented; plagued
  6. Rouse -v- to awaken from sleep; to stir up; to excite
  7. Lout -n- an awkward, stupid person
  8. Prodigious -adj- impressively great in size; large; enormous; extraordinary; marvelous
  9. Mandate -n- a command; an order; a decree
  10. Entreat -v- to ask; to beg
  11. Bliss -n- extreme happiness; joy
  12. Appalled -adj- to be filled with disgust or horror for something
  13. Ponderous -adj- extremely heavy; huge; massive
  14. Din -n- loud, confused prolonged noise
  15. Ponder -v- to consider carefully; to reflect
  16. Profusion -n- a large amount; an overabundance
  17. Cordial -adj- hearty; warm; sincere; friendly
  18. Reel -v- to be thrown off balance or fall back; to be in a confused condition
  19. Sage -adj- wise; judicious [noun- a wise person]
  20. Convey -v- to carry; to transport
  21. Meditations -n- thoughts
  22. Adversary -n- enemy; opponent
  23. Disdain[ful] -n[adj]- hatred [one who is full of hatred]
  24. Assuage -v- to calm; to soothe; to comfort
  25. Compel -v- to force
  26. Implacable -adj- incapable of being assuaged, pacified, or satisfied
  27. Rancor -n- deep-seated hatred or ill-will
  28. Insolent -adj- disrespectfully arrogant; rude
  29. Atone -v- to made amends for; to repent; to ask for forgiveness
  30. Stealth-n- the act of moving in a sneaky, hidden, undetectable way
  31. Perils -n- dangers
  32. Shun -v- to shut out; to avoid; to keep away from
  33. Ardor -n- intensity of emotion, passion or desire
  34. Dwindle -v- to gradually make or become less
  35. Tumult -n- the din or commotion of a great crowd; agitation of the mind and emotions
  36. Founder -v- to sink
  37. Dire -adj- warning of disaster; dreadful; urgent
  38. Provisions -n- a stock of food
  39. Appease -v- to calm; to satisfy, especially by meeting demands
  40. Insidious -adj- intended to entrap; tricky; seductive
  41. Restitution -n- repayment; the act of making good for loss, damage, or injury
  42. Dissemble -v- to hide with a false appearance; to disguise
  43. Lithe -adj- readily bent; supple; graceful
  44. Incredulity -n- disbelief; shock
  45. Wrath -n- violent rage; hatred
  46. Glowering -adj- full of anger and hatred
  47. Impudence -n- disrespect; rudeness [impudent -adj- to be filled with impudence]
  48. Rebuke -v- to scold; to reprimand
  49. Renowned -adj- well-known; famous
  50. Folly -n- foolishness; a foolish endeavor
  51. Evade -v- to escape
  52. Smote -v- past tense of smite: to kill
  53. Keen -adj- physically sharp; intellectually smart
  54. Contempt -n- open disrespect or willful disobedience
  55. Hone -v- to sharpen
  56. Aloof -adj- distant; not friendly; unapproachable
  57. Pact -n- an agreement; a contract
  58. Tremulous -adj- vibrating or quivering; fearful
  59. Abyss -n- a deep pit
  60. Prevail -v- to win; to overcome