n. a sudden intuitive grasp of reality usually brought about through something simple and striking

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Melanie D
   Do You Really Know?
Amera D
   The Call of the Cat
George D
    Who Am I?
Jason E
    Do We Realize How Lucky We
            Really Are?
Christina F
    untitled short story parable
    "pacing behind the curtain..."

Elizabeth H
   An Animal's Instinct
    in my arms
    Pink Nail Polish

Tian H
   Shades of Gray
    Sleeping Beauty--Unhappily Ever

    That One Sunny Afternoon
    Two Minutes to Midnight

Unaza K
    Mysteries of My Heart
    Riddle of Life

Don K
    Hopeless vs. Helpless
    Knight in Shining Armor
    The Rock

Justina L
  The Homeless Man
Regina M
   Three Poems of Innocence, The

        Divine, and Nature
Becky M
Karen O
   My Own Silence
Elexius R
    Garden of Good and Evil
    Last Day
    Why Do We Cry?

Joe S
   In My Heart
Laura S
    Hurting Others: Why Do They
        Have To Do This?

Stephanie S
   Struggling to be Wanted
Tony S
    Red, White & True
    TVs Just a Tool

Joanne S
   In Extremis

Dana V
   Anything is Possible
Ryan W
   As the River Flows
    The Beauty of Life
    The Growing Choices

Sandra W
   Why Did it Have to Happen
        to Me?

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